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For MadTracks series V:

Q : What is the MadTrack serie V ?
R : It is the series of GPS Trackers that we have to track in real time your assets (vehicles, motorcycles, pickups, trucks, etc.)

Q : Is this service reliable?
R : YES, our service is very reliable because we strictly adhere to international standards in this area. For example, We use for location one of the best GPS module on the market.

Q : Who else has access to the position of my vehicle / motorcycle?
R : We did everything to put you at the center of the whole process.
The only two parties having access to the position of your asset (vehicle, motorcycle, truck, etc.) are you and some of our duly authorized team leaders.
We have access to your position because we must be ready at any time to help you when needed.

Q : Can my location data be hacked by someone else?
R : NO, absolutely not because we use end-to-end encrypted communication systems to communicate with our online servers. In addition, we use the same servers as that used by Prestigious American firms like Netflix, Airbnb, Vodafone, Siemens, Adobe and even the giants of telecommunications like Orange and MTN

Q : I have several vehicles and motorcycle. Can I follow them all from my phone or computer?
R : Yes, you can follow as many vehicles, motorcycle, trucks, etc. whether you want it from your mobile phone or from your laptop, it is YOUR CHOICE 🙂

Q : Can I know the travel history and receive customized notifications as i want ?
R : YES, you can in a few clicks:

  • Get all the trip history of your different vehicles, motorcycle, trucks, etc.
  • Be alerted if one of your drivers exceeds a speed limit that you have set
  • Be alerted if one of your drivers leaves the city where he was assigned

Q : Are there monthly payments ? If yes, why ?
R : There are monthly payments because we have an R&D team who work day and night to the proper functioning of the whole platform (or system). Thus, you will receive periodic and free updates on both the hardware and the real-time tracking software.
In addition, we will soon open a call center that will allow you to call us at any time, to benefit from our assistance when needed.

Q : I would like a member of my team to manage this process internally. Is it possible ?
R : YES, we will provide free training to this member that you have chosen, to take control of the management platform of your fleet. Moreover, in addition to him, we can add you as a secondary administrator ; thus you will always be able to control your staff from time to time.

Q : Is this service working only in specific countries or can I track my equipment out of the country where the GPS tracker has been installed? Can I track my vehicles, trucks, motorcycles in areas with very low network coverage?
R : We have options where you can track your vehicle anywhere on the planet 🙂

Q : Can I have customized offers?
R : YES, that’s one of the multiple advantages you have to work with geo-advantage. We can provide you a service perfectly tailored to your needs

Practical Questions:

Q : What if my vehicle (motorcycle, taxi, truck etc.) is stolen?
R : When you notice that your asset has been stolen, we recommend you first to take a glass of water. It happens and it’s neither your fault nor that of your driver. The good news is that you have MadTrack installed in your gear.

Thus, please contact us either on our Facebook Account, either by calling or by going to our offices. Together, we will be able to trace the history of the vehicle’s journey from the day it was stolen to where it currently stands. However, it is possible that for constraints beyond our control, this research takes more time (several days or even weeks).

Q : I would like to control the fuel level and have the possibility to stop the engine of my vehicles remotely, in addition to knowing their position. Is it possible ?
R : YES, this is possible and we can do even more. This service enters the part stated above called ” customized offers

Q : I changed country, do I still benefit from the same services?
R : YES, you will have the same services. However, we suggest that you notify us before your departure, so that we can make additional updates in your GPS module (offer valid in personalized offers)

You have more questions ?
Please write to us contact@geo-advantage.com

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